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Vontobel Event Template

Glorious rebrand from basic to influential


Some interesting elements such as:

  • A hiding header bar depending on scroll speed and direction
  • Fluid and obvious link interactions
  • Custom language selector
  • Custom image carousels
  • Custom pages for individual speakers outside of native platform functionality
  • More-than-usual styling on the Registration Site.

homepage with hero banner with tall image of basketball and navigation header of re-branded site

custom hiding header bar on scroll

Link interaction

agenda page showing list of events taking place on the day of the event consisting of sessions at 2 and 3 oclock.
venue page showing google map api implementation and custom colours

speaker page showing 5 speakers

Registration Form

custom registration form styling showing all form fields on one page, with a 2 column layout for first and last name and date picker, select, checkbox and radio buttons