Tailwind Event Dashboard

December 13, 2019

1 min read

After discovering TailwindCSS I wanted to build something so I was looking at a few different dashboard designs on Dribbble and started building one .

I was building this in a single html file and using vue for some of the interactivity. A few things I noticed while doing it.

Not having to name things helped

It was really refreshing to see the css code in the interface I was building. It was good to see what was flex, what was not etc. It really helped to build something quickly.

Not having to names things meant I lost my place a few times

Semantic html is great. Navs, Headers, Sections. They are so useful for accessible pages, and they make your UI mean more. But, because I didn’t name something ‘sidebar’, or ‘avatar’ I did lose my place in the Interface. I had to open dev tools a lot more and ended up adding some other classes to keep track.