Moving on from Aventri

July 01, 2020

2 min read

What I thought was a mammoth and unmovable industry, a fortress high on the hill, has been toppled finally, by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Events will not be the same for some time.

The fallout from this means I was furloughed and eventually, my Front-End Developer role was eliminated.

So, I'm moving on and looking to the future.

I worked with some wonderful people when I was there. I met some great developers.


I want to stop here and think about what I can do better, what I need to learn, and especially what I hope to achieve for myself and career going forward.

My Goals:

  • Improve my JavaScript skills
    • Learn Vue
    • Learn React
  • Get better acquainted with TailwindCSS
  • Understand animations and transitions better, especially methods for animating transitions and page interactions

In reflection

While forward-thinking is useful, it also helps to reflect on the past. With that in mind let's look at what I've learnt from working at Aventri. I can split these into two groups, one being skills relevant to all areas of work, and the second being specific to my role.

Front-End Developer Skills

  • Concepts
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • Code Management
  • Debugging
  • Code collaboration
  • QA & UAT

General Skills

  • Better time management
  • Teamwork
  • Presentational skills
  • Note-taking
  • Organisation & Planning

I started at Aventri with a 'jump right in and code' attitude. This has very much changed over the last 4 years, and many 'jump right in and code' situations have caused me a lot of issues after the fact. I consider planning now a major part of the role of Developer.