Journey to build an App

November 01, 2020

2 min read

Start of a Series

This will be the first part in a series documenting my start to finish journey of trying to build a product. It may be a long journey but I really wanted to document my thoughts, my ideas and maybe some things that I've learned (either the easy way or the hard way). Maybe it will help me in the future, or maybe it will help others too.

So I started with some basic ideas, and a tech stack in mind:

  • Vue 3 (with vuex eventually)
  • TailwindCSS
  • Firebase ( for authentication)
  • Not sure on a cms yet.

Oh wait, you need to know my idea...

Well, I want to build an app but I want to build something that I would find useful, and that would be useful to a lot of people. But where to start. I was thinking a lot about what would be useful to me. What do I do in the daytime that I could use an app to improve.

An App to help you drink more water? Sure, but thats already been done like crazy.

An App to help you take more walks? Sure, but that seems a bit boring - just use the alarm app.

An App to help you find places to visit? Well 2020 is not the best time to build this!

Something else How about something more useful to a parent. How about an app that helps you find activities and games for your children to play? lets build it.