Building Preference Centers

February 01, 2014

1 min read

When GDPR was announced most companies didn't have an existing solution for how they collected marketing data and made it available to people to update and change.

CRMT consulted for many companies who held a lot of marketing data, so it was clear that a single place where this marketing information could be displayed and updated by those individuals was needed.

We called them Preference Centers.

Wireframe for internal use

Initially a wireframe was constructed which we could use as a basis for all other examples to keep it simple and templated. After this we moved on to a simple build out branding it to the CRMT brand.


Client Testing

The initial testing proved successfull so this was then used for a Acquia client test.

Real Life Testing

Finally this was deployed for use on a real life use case for Alfresco, View the Alfresco Preference Center.